Desomorfina: Der Film

In the nineties, five young people traveled to a cabin near Bogotá to consume a new type of synthetic drug.

Carlos and Santiago are film students who decided to document the process, and they will record their friends for their documentary (Desomorphine).

But they never imagined that the drug would have terrible side effects, causing severe hallucinations and terrible wounds to their friends, turning them into dangerous monsters.

Technical Specs

Runtime: 16min Genres: Horror Country: Colombia Language: Spanish Color: Color Production: Chirimoya Films

Director: Diego Yepes Executive Producer: Roland Russwurm, Alexandra Yepes, Diego Yepes Actors: Edwin Muñoz, Daniela Corredor, Nicolás Álvarez, Marcelo Dávila, Sebastián Blanco

Artistic Design

Desomorphin is a short film that takes place in the nineties. From the art department we seek to strengthen the look of the image, with a contrast between the characters and scenarios, using a colorful palette for actors and earth tones in scenarios.

The biggest challenge in the realization of this film are the special effects, which required painstaking work. The strengthening of the supernatural universe around the story is the most important aspect for the art department; therefore, we focussed on the makeup of the characters, to make it credible and with high impact; in addition, the color red will play an important part.

Visual References

The greatest reference for us was "The Blair Witch Project ", because that film used the mobile camera as primary resource. Desomorphine is a film that simulates the Hi-8 format, in color, texture and sharpness, but was not be recorded in this format. Therefore another great reference is the Chilean film “No" by Pablo Larrain. Its color and texture are closer to the images that we will build on this film.